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Just another troll flapping his cock-holster. Unremarkable and ignorable. We see them here from time to time. Briefly.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda... but never will.

Free advice for folks actually contemplating a SOF career: Your social media/internet posts live forever. Army SF (and US SOF in general) is a small world. An interconnected world of people who've known one another for years. The internet shots you take in supposed anonymity will come back to haunt you. Because you never know who's already read them... or will read them.

Maybe someone tasked with reviewing your future Selection packet... or Security Clearance. Or your future Team Sergeant. Or SGM/CSM. Like I mentioned... It's a Small World. Not the Walt Disney one.

As always, honest inquiries get answered in a similar manner by the QPs on this forum. If you are serious about trying on the Job, folks here will attempt to help you navigate that path.

If not, don't waste your time. Or ours. Instead, go hang out at other forums. Places where folks who never served a day in Army Special Forces... will gladly tell you all about it.

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