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Again, you're mis-interpreting my intentions.


I am sorry if my adverb use of "minor" offends you.


Speaking bluntly..

I don't know you, aside from your qualifications, and you barely know me (nor my qualifications).. you taking my last comment as "pointed barb" is you being overly sensitive (I also predict that this statement will have you fuming--and yes, this is a "pointed barb"). From an anecdotal standpoint, you remind me (and that SpecOps CEO, who's done equally impressive things as you have) strikingly of an SF Major we had the displeasure of running into together--one of the stark traits being his hatred of "snowflakes" while exemplifying over-sensitivity to his ego himself.

Lead with your ego and let the bullshit roll, 'rah?

"you'll encounter people with degrees & intellect easily more impressive than your own. Count on it."
> I hope their intellects accumulate to more than yours. As I'm counting on it.

I'm actually a former 0331 (post-9/11), honorably discharged.. and somebody who just has happened to reflect upon my time post-service. Yeah, most of my first post is a lie but the considerations remain. Frankly, your type of over-sensitivity with respect to your ego is the reason I, and many others 03xx, EAS'd. I'm sure your brothers on here are willing to stick up for you, as my brothers are for me..

For somebody who finds over-sensitivity a trait unsuitable and insufferable for SF, it's ironic that post-service you've become its epitome.

Bounce me "out of here" quickly if one man's mis-interpretation of a |INTERNET FORUM COMMENT| is all it takes...

Though I sincerely appreciated some of your initial comments, it's incredibly bizarre how emotionally reactive you are to a stranger's comments online. Retirement affects all differently, I guess.

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