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Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

"If you can't already look deep into the core of your being & find the answers to your own are definitely not cut out for this line of work."

Sorry if I didn't make this clear in my post.. I've just begun considering this life route and as a wise man once said: knowledge speaks, wisdom listens. Trying my best to listen rather speak. Again, most of these questions I've not thought about nor considered--would rather consider experienced input, like yours, than my own since I could be very wrong about aforestated route.

"You seem unduly worried about the opinions of others (both present day & future). You're supposed to possess your own beliefs by this stage in your life. Ones you can abide by, act upon, and live with. Be your own Man. The opinions of others matter little in the grand scheme of things."

Again, not the case.. but I think this is mis-communication in work.

Sincerely appreciate the rest of your post, particularly what you've cut out to be the SF archetype. Information I wouldn't have had had I not posted here!

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