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Originally Posted by 7624U View Post
The Ranger Handbook is the base for everything. If you know TLP's and Order Creation, you will have a good understanding of deliberate planning, you also need to fully understand it at a tactical level so that you can brief your plan in a logical order to Senior officers two level's higher than you.
(this is key to success. what use is a great plan if you don't get it approved)

FYI: The Detachment mission planning guide is your GO TO in the 18A Course but the Ranger Handbook is always used for a reference during Direct Action (DA) planning.
I can sure as hell second that. I've seen Warfighters where Brigade and Battalion staffs, bogged down in MDMP and late getting out meaningful FRAGOs / OPORDS...if someone would have whipped out a Ranger Handbook and passed it around...everyone would have slapped their collective foreheads and got the important shit out to subordinate elements faster and more effectively and not forgot stuff.
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