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Leadership Development


As a QM Officer finishing up my platoon leader time, I have begun to see that the way that I am being molded to lead is quite different in many aspects when compared to my combat arms peers. I am not speaking of leadership traits (morals, values, etc..) but rather, the process that we go through day to day in order to accomplish our missions. (Troop Leading Procedures, Planning Considerations, How we exercise Command and Control, etc..) For example, my platoon has yet to run a platoon level operation. Rather, my PSG and I plan the missions and manage the various sections that go off and accomplish whatever individual tasks are sent down from higher. That is not to say that I have not gotten a vast amount of great leadership experience; I would just categorize it as "different".

With SFAS being a 200m target at this stage, I am looking for as many ways to continue to refine my leadership as possible. I may be splitting hairs here but, should I be concerned with learning the processes laid out in FM 7-8, Ranger Handbook, etc.? Or should I stay the course and continue to refine based on the parameters of my unit and its mission?
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