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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
We never practiced any 'ruck running' - however - we constantly practiced 'ruck marching' as a regular part of our fitness program and that usually meant we wound up doing some 'ruck running' part of the time to make the time/distance goals we'd established for ourselves as a team or a unit.

Now y'all can do whatever you like, it's your call, but based on my experiences in Group, trying to take shortcuts with something like this will almost certainly lead to a "But...but...but..." NO GO situation.

Just sayin'...

Agreed, but let me add, with shortcut mindsets like that you won't make it past the Gated marches in the SFQC. Not to mention just having to patrol with 90lb rucks in restricted terrain. SF stands for suck fest from what I was told in SFAS. Get used to it.

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