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Civilian Pre-Deployment Check list?

Scenario: about to go on a business trip and/or vacation

Who: Individual businessman or family

Where: OCONUS - not a war zone, but not Disneyland.


Is there a pre-departure checklist of sites to check?
Is there an in-country checklist of daily do's & don'ts


My kids are doing business all over the world, some 3rd world countries. #2 SiL almost weekly. #2 daughter & #1 SiL monthly.

They also visit family in multiple 1st world countries.

None have a military or state department background.

They are not linguist, so they rely on local business partners & family for local guidance.

Given the current problems in NZ, Sir Lanka, Paris, Africa (all of which they have visited multiple times in the last yr),,
I'd like to give them something to raise their awareness, without needing a case of Reynold's Wrap Aluminum Foil.

AS I am old-school, my 3x5 card presentation (pre-powerpoint) would probably run 3hrs with video. Looking for something like a 9-line card..
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