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Originally Posted by the squid
Evening Gents,

Through a friend, I came across this link:

Now, I'm aware that most of you don't have Myspace Profiles, so I've attached an image of what he's passing off as his ribbon rack.

According to this, he's an AF Aviator, has his Navy Wings of Gold, Naval Jump Wings, EOD Badge, Dive Qualed, and he's got an enlisted Naval Air Crew Badge. His ribbon rack rivals that of any general.

Not only that, but, from what I've read from people who've actually earned
combat decorations, and them being the kind of outstanding and selfless individuals I imagine the vast majority of them are, I doubt they'd parade them around on Myspace like some sort of trophy.

What would be the appropriate channels to go through to get this guy exposed, should he turn out to be a fraud? He's got a phone number for Chrissakes.

I'm not a combat veteran, nor do I hold any weight militarily, so I'm not sure if pursuing this is out of my lane, so should I bring it to the attention of the LTC of my ROTC Department?

Thanks for everything in advance.
If you try to track down every poser and fake on the internet, you are going to be a busy man.

Pretty clearly, he has way too many high peacetime and valorous awards from too many services to be a field grade officer.

He has a large mix of Navy, AF, and Army decorations, to include some, like the Legion of Merit with an Oak Leaf Cluster, that normally is awarded to O-5s only once upon retirement (O-6s and above as a PCS award), a VN Service Ribbon, an Army Commendation Medal, MSMs, DMSMs, some Purple Hearts, FOUR Silver Stars, and a couple of Bronze Stars with Vs which are only awarded for ground combat. Some others I cannot ID may be Reserve, Guard, or ROTC ribbons.

Looks to me like someone who hit the surplus store and took one of everything.

IMHO, he is a fake, but it is tilting at windmills to pursue it unless you know him or he is using it to sell something.

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