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Originally Posted by 44025 View Post
This product has the added bonus of use as a pelvic splint.
It's not any thing close to being an adequate pelvic splint.... I have played with this device for over 6 months and a splint it's not......stick with other options for appropriate pelvic closure.
As far as the high femoral compression.......I have been using it with our SWAT team in the shoot house and square range under " adverse" circumstances and will tell you that is is not fast, easy or 100% reliable interms of placement and stopping flow (I taped a Doppler to the lower extremity/ foot to check for pulsatile flow). If you have a cold zone, plenty of time and relatively good circumstances, then I can get it placed better and more reliably.
It's just another tool, one that may stop more 'proximal' bleeding of the distal iliac artery/vein or femorals (based on location) but like anything else, having options is the best bet for success.

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