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Originally Posted by jeremiah.runser View Post
I agree with abc_123.

I had the pleasure of meeting 18Ddave on an exercise a few months ago (I was the public affairs guy from Indiana), and discussed my interest in the unit with him. He was the deciding factor for me to really devote myself to SF. His team was amazing; knowledgeable, very professional, and above all, inspiring.

I recently tried out with 20th Group when they made the state transition and it seems like a very effective, well-run program.

By day 2 we had 5 men left, of the 35ish that we started with, including myself. The entire event was a real gut-check and it seems like a vital weeding-out process to really keep the candidates with the most potential.

The problem was, on the last event no one met the required time. Two or three of us were within seconds, 20 or less, but the remaining candidates were at least 5-7 minutes off.

Due to that, all of us were dismissed. no board.

Now, this is just my opinion, and I am clearly biased, but wouldn't it be better to keep those candidates that are close, remediate them, mentor them, then send them to selection?

Regardless, they will be training each drill weekend they attend with the training team, and if that were the case, they can hone their deficiencies and rectify them.

Now, for example, one of those candidates, which is one of the best guys I have had the pleasure of working with, is pursuing a career path with 19th Group.
Just a question, how good are you at following instructions? You know, like those found in the stickies on internet forums or in the welcome message that you get? People who can't follow instructions don't usually last long in the SF Pipeline and not long on some internet forums either...

I can't remember when I said that, and as a general rule I believe what I said. However When we are talking ARNG there are two things that come into play... Funding, and Spaces.

Without going in to too much detail, OCO funding for ARNG Pay and Allowances has been slashed to nothing. The ARNG conventional units that used to be deployed were not home to use the Annual Training P&A $$. That $$ was never reprogrammed so therefore was available for use statewide. Now all those hooahs are back and doing their AT. Oh, and big Army has been shorting the ARNG for years to the tune of $20Mil ish in P&A tper annum hat they should be getting to pay for people to goto SFAS and SFQC. So what does that mean until this gets fixed? State G3s only have so much P&A to go around. So, in times where $$ is tight it's pure survival that some states may be a bit more "selective" in who they sent to SFAS. Combine that with the fact that the ARNG is doing a better job of getting guys off of AD. If a unit in a state is full, they are full. Again.... driving them to be more selective to conserve $$ and to avoid the asspain of having to get rid of a mistake.

ARNG SF was in a place where $$ was plentiful and we had vacancies. Now there is less $$ and less vacancies. In the end, if one unit is too painful to join and another is less so... let the free-market work for the best people. IF a State chain of command or a SF chain of command think that a unit is chronically understrengeth then they will look at that unit's internal processes. If they don't then eventually NGB will and the unit will be moved. This is NOT repeat NOT the case with A 2/20. The move had nothing to do with strength or SFREs. IL leadership had other reasons and wanted different force structure and IN has wanted an SF Company for YEARS so they made a trade.

Ther is no upside that I can see for a separate SF Company like A Co. having a non SFAS complet pax on the books.
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