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You have my sympathy with the sciatica. I have also had it and I know it is no fun. Mine was caused by a piriformis entrapment of the sciatic nerve high up at the buttock. Luckily it was released by physiotherapy.

1) What was the diagnosed cause of your sciatica prior to surgery?
2) What was the primary expected benefit of having the surgery?

What I am getting at is this: if the sciatica was deemed treatable by surgery and you had such surgery and it is not cured, then what went wrong?
It could be that the original diagnosis was incorrect, or it could be that the surgery was unsuccessful on a technical level.

In both cases you need another ortho review. They have to explain to you why you still have this pain and what they can do to alleviate it.
Possibly a new MRI scan will help find out what is going on.
A second opinion on your existing imaging would not go astray either!
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