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But not in Sweden...

Not Germany, but it seems many other areas in EU continue thirsting for their own demise. I mean when 'brown' is down, things have really finished circling the bowl.

UPS stops delivering packages to Swedish no-go zones after multiple attacks on drivers
One area that currently does not receive packages is the multicultural district of Rosengård in Malmö.

UPS confirms that they no longer deliver to the area because the risk of being subjected to robbery and other crimes is too high. “Our drivers have been attacked and we have therefore decided not to distribute packages in Rosengård”, says a customer service employee.

The decision was made two months ago. Similar stops have been introduced in areas in Stockholm. And according to UPS, the new terms will remain in place as long as drivers are at risk of being attacked.

However, according to the Swedish police and left-wing politicians there are no “no-go zones” in Sweden. Only 61 “vulnerable areas”, which need prioritising and more attention from the police. 23 of these areas are identified as “particularly vulnerable.” Another handful are deemed to be in the “risk zone”. [Baghdad Bob approved this message.]

Several of them are basically run by criminals and the police cannot carry out their job. Car fires, grenade attacks and bombings occur almost daily. Police, firefighters and ambulance workers are attacked by migrants and prevented from doing their job on a regular basis.

The situation has gotten so bad that ambulance unions have put forth requests for bullet proof vests to be given to paramedics operating in the problematic areas.

The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg recently was described by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven as an “attack” on democracy itself.
In the migrant-majority town of Södertälje, a police station was shot at ten times overnight, though no officers were present at the station at the time.

Many such attacks have been captured on surveillance and other cameras and are widely available to be seen online. Footage from 2015 shows police officers being attacked while others are shouting “you are not in charge here” to them.

Four stations in Stockholm Metro have become so dangerous for personnel that they are only able to perform their duties with the help of extra police.

Parking attendants are being chased away or attacked. Thus parking companies cannot guarantee for their employees safety.

The government-owned postal service PostNord has halted mail delivery to some addresses near the troubled Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby. And now UPS stops delivering packages to certain areas.

The definition of “no-go zone” is “a region where the ruling authorities have lost control and are unable to enforce the rule of law”.

Which means that there without a doubt are no-go zones in Sweden – and that Swedish politicians and police are flat-out lying.

Reference link at Voice of Europe

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