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Post DIY Land Navigation

After giving up on trying to find a land navigation course that I can practice on at Fort Bragg, I've started searching for information so that I can create my own land navigation / dead reckoning course in order to practice my land navigation skills. During my search I've ran across two sources of information that I believe to be worth sharing on this forum. The first website is This website allows you to create maps of anywhere in the world that want using UTM/MGRS grid spacing 1000 meters. The cost per map is about 16.00$ plus shipping. The second site that I've found is (click on -Open Default Gmap 4 map) its basically google maps with Mytopo added on. This site allows to you views google maps through Mytopo terrain which will give you an 8 digit grid coordinate for where your mouse tip is pointing. These two websites are what I will use to create my own course. I will not be using a GPS so I will not have actual points to find but for now I will just hit intersections, terrain features, and well defined locations. Just wanted to pass the information along.

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