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Originally Posted by RichL025 View Post

May I ask where your rifle is from? I would love the idea of getting a flintlock, but as I look around it looks like I have a choice between Cabela's rifles (mass-produced, kinda cheap-looking) or hand-crafted reproductions (beautiful rifles, but $$$$)

I was just curious if there is a middle ground....


Both of mine were hand made by guys that do this for a living....but I bought both used with an inspection period. Look for a good, custom made/hand made, rifle.
places like this....but do your research as to makers etc and know who made the barrels (I like Colerain pipes)...and the locks....

BTW, I was also looking for early style rifles from the pre revolution (F&I period) thru the early went for a specific style period of makers as I like the history.....later 'Kentucky style rifles' look differently....the rifles in the movie 'Last of the Mohicans' are 'wrong' as with the curved comb stock and style are much later Kentucky rifles. Know what you want before you spend your dough.

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