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First off, I'm a long time lurker here, this is my first post as this topic is really the only thing I've been qualified to address in this forum.

I'm an 11A in the pipeline at Benning. I would recommend grabbing up an ABN slot as a CDT. Currently, there is a HUGE backlog of LTs coming out of IBOLC due to the addition of BOLC II stressing the Army's personnel system and causing LT's to wait months for basic school slots post-commissioning. I had to wait until OCT to get into BOLC II after commissioning in MAY, I didn't start IBOLC until late NOV. As a caveat, I would add that this advice may be irrelevant if the Army decides to drop BOLC II and/or finds some way to fix the backlog of LT’s waiting for RGR.

RGR this year has been pretty tough, and there have been a whole bunch of recycles and failures. Mainly, there were two classes in which there were a tremendous amount of land nav failures, and it created a huge backlog in the system. The last RGR class to go through admin dropped 140 Rangers the 2nd day of RAP (to include 79 IN LT's) who had already passed the RPFT and CWSA and had not failed any events. This was due to lack of room in the course; squads were standing at around 24 to 26 Rangers for those first few days. This was partly because of the amount of recycles from previous classes. We are now all waiting until 17 MAY for our chance to go again. Obviously, this has pushed everyone else back even farther down the list for slots.

What this means is that right now priority for future RGR slots is going to be given to those LT’s a) going light or ABN and b) who are already ABN qualified. The reasoning is that RGR is ideally the last school to hit before moving on, and they want to make sure that you get as qual'ed as possible before leaving if you do fail RGR. You only have 7 some odd months at the LTO before you must leave Benning, so you need to fit all schooling into that timeline. As of now, LT’s have one chance to go to RGR whereas before it was a 2 chance policy... if you get dropped for performance/LOM /get hurt you will go to ABN and then PCS without your tab. It’s happening to quite a few guys. It sucks, but that's life. Even if you do go to RGR right after IBOLC, with the wait to get into BOLCII/III you will likely be coming up on 1LT as soon as you get to your unit as it is. Getting our tabs is a must but you do not want to wait around Benning any longer than you have to, you want to get out and be a PL. Get your ABN done now, and you will move up the OML for RGR post-IBOLC, bottom line from my perspective here.
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