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I tend to stay out of this section...

... since I'm not an 18A, but I thought the CDTs that are considering MWS as an option should know a few things:

- MWS has recently changed from a 2 phase (2 weeks each) course to a 1 phase (2 weeks total course). It teaches some new tactical topics like high angle shooting at the expense of some of the more technical stuff. (If you want technical, PM me about the Assault Climber Course )

WHICH MEANS: The "E" ASI is now given after completing the single phase. In the past, if a cadet went to the MWS after LDAC or whatever it's called now, they would leave with a certificate but no qualification and maybe a desire to try and get back for the other phase. The single phase now qualifies one as a "Military Mountaineer". Do I necessarily agree with that? Different topic.

Airborne and Ranger School are gimmes if you commission Infantry.

MWS provides just one more piece of info for your kit bag that a handful of guys have the opportunity to get on active duty (exceptions being SF and 5th RTB).

My $.02.

Enjoy your summer, regardless of what training is available to you. Make use of every available training opportunity presented to you, b/c your PL time is best spent with your guys, not TDY, IMHO.
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