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I just wanted to step out of the shadows to give an update. It looks like I will either be going to BAC or Air Assault this summer. This mostly has to do with the fact that our program here at UT is a small one and we don't get many slots or opportunities for more specialized schools. I will be trying in every way I can to go to Air Assault school as I have been informed that Airborne is handed out like candy after BOLC. I may not have a choice though and will be happy to do whatever training I may get this summer. At this point it is a wait and see game. I decided against the DARC option and instead will be taking more Arabic this summer. Next summer will be LDAC and hopefully things will work out in a way that I can apply for the JFKSWS internship and come be a G at Sage that summer as well. Just wanted to update you gents and thank you for your information and guidance.

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