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Recent grad of the Q and his profile lists him as a SSG? OK you young stud muffin 18Xs, what is the fastest you're making E-6 these days?
My understanding is you hit
E4 = 9-12
E5 around = 18 – 24 (still in Q)
But you hit your team as an E5 and get the E6 about 6-12 months in
I think you’re lucky to hit E7 until after you’ve been in a team for at least 4 years (guess)

I'm not a BTDT and I am far from perfect and still learning SF ways, but I would expect some guy who has made it thru the Q course to have far better SA then to bitch on a public forum.

Some of the stuff he discusses about Language doesn’t add up with the information I have.

His Rank seems a bit off and he’s lost all his Language skills between blocks, give me a break talk to your mate who is also learning Arabic, there everywhere. Sesh!

Sounds like a poser who didn't make it to me, and wants to tell the world about how it wasn't his fault.


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