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My guys carry IFAK's, very fat, tq, dressing, saline locks, ACS, TPN needle, etc. No shit right, old concept. I tie it together with a system of training & BLS in the IFAK's, First Responders & CLS guys to ensure 1) redundnacy, always have enough of the basics for every man 2) it's close to the point of injury, not at the ORP. This has worked very well in Iraq, now I'm tweaking it out for the purely dismounted role.

For operations here, though the guys have plenty of BLS in their IFAKs, I decided to carry a healthy amount of the basics myself for COBs, MiTT's, IA's, and other unit's that we work with SINCE they don't have IFAKs. I think I can downsize some of BLS qty's since we'll be working organic in patrolling operations. In other words, I kept both basic and advanced stuff in my aidbags, the Soldiers lines of care worked in conjunction but my aidbags were standalone. When we go back to the states I feel comfortable with dropping some of the BLS from my aidbag that's already in their IFAK's and CLS lines and carrying more advanced stuff in par with my training.

I'll also have to support a platoon again, more guys than an SF medic would have to, so the qty's of what I do carry will have to be proportionate.

When I bounce out of here next month I'll take apart my MOLLE 2 ruck and see how well it works with a SOTMP2 strapped on. Unfortunately, I know the Kifaru will be a constant fight with whatever chodes are in my next CoC.

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