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Originally Posted by PretzelFactory View Post
I am a 1LT, National Guard, 20th GRP candidate. Recently I received an NTR at SFAS. (2nd attempt)

First attempt, I went in Oct, passed gate week no problem, but was dropped for psych. 2014 I got a DUI (before military / commissioning). This is the part on the psych where you note any past criminal experiences. I also did not think I needed a waiver.

Second attempt: BLUF: Failed to meet 12mile ruck time. I decided to go during the Aug class, and I totally should have listened to my SFRE cadre that heat can really effect you during this class. I never felt so sluggish / total disconnect with my body and simply could not get myself to shuffle or move at a moving speed.


Moving forward: The NG Liaison informed me that individuals have dropped their commission and went back as enlisted (E-5) for another shot. Has anyone on this forum dropped their commission and went in as E-5?

The NG Liaison mentioned that if I were to come back as an E-5, I should definitely bring a waiver to have the psych portion cleaned up. However what worries me, even if I brought a waiver, there is a possibility you could still be dropped...


Additional thoughts: I whole hardheartedly want to be part of GRP, and if it takes to drop my commission to go back, I want this to happen. I just want to hear some view points from members on this forum. Another note, I do have a full time job out of the National Guard.

I don't have a lot to add from an advise perspective. But, realize that giving someone an NTR in SFAS is not done lightly. I was an instructor there for a short stint and I can tell you that they put a lot of thought into whom and why they NTR a candidate, and it is not usually just one thing. For example, during my SFAS class we had a candidate who failed to come in within standard during the last long ruckmarch. But, it was discovered that he was pulling off the march on a broken foot. He got selected. The cadre uses the whole man concept in SFAS. If you were a no-go twice, you might want to consider that this may not be the career choice for you.
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