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So quick update, vision is MUCH improved! I was reading small print on a bottle the other day and realized I didn't have my glasses on! Still waiting until the fall for the right eye to be done. NOT with the same guy.

Did some research on this shadow business I have been experiencing in the corner of my eye close to my temple along with seeing a dark crescent shadow which I thought might have been the edge of the lens. A quick google search "shadow in corner of eye after cataract surgery" revealed it's a real thing. If only my surgeon told me about it instead of just telling me it's inflamation

Turns out about 20% of the population experiences this, it's called negative dysphotopsia. (I was also experiencing positive dysphotopsia which is light refraction, especially after sleeping)

This too has been improving I mostly only notice it in artificial lighting, especially overhead light. Should soon be cleared up entirely.

Thanks again for all the good wishes
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