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Bill: I concur. And honestly, I don't see much "marketing hype" as it were out of any of them. Usually it's just a one or two page technical paper.

alelks: Stuff like this is what happens when knifemakers have a little time to screw around. All of those picks and shims are out of 0.030" Ti, and they've been tumbled to knock all the edges off. I'm not very good with them yet, it has taken me up to 10 minutes to open a lock. But sometimes I get one open in 30 seconds, and then it feels like magic. The ones with the handles are designed off of Romstar pick templates, and the little ones are modeled after Bogota picks. Seems like just those two little Bogotas will do everything that full set will, although I may need to tweak the design of their business ends a bit.

Barbarian: I don't know that I'd consider cutlery steel to be a major market interest. It might seem like it is, but we're really more like a small niche compared to the rest of the stuff that steel companies produce. Which is what makes it impressive when a company like Crucible listens to us. And insofar as suitable blade steel availability goes, if all else fails, all you have to do is go down to your local junkyard and yank some leaf springs. Cheap, plentiful, tough as hell.

x SF med: Don't forget about tin can lids.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a few more big 'uns that I finished up this week.
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