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Bill: I'm right there with you. People sure do get themselves bent out of shape. To me, it's simultaneously funny, sad, and ridiculous.

I would never offer a knife in a steel I hadn't used myself. If I hadn't had the positive experience I have with the Nyala, I'd have done the Colubris out of CPM154 instead.

I think S35 is a step in the right direction. Better toughness and wear resistance than S30? If the papers can be believed, I'm there. And based on my experiences with it, it has better corrosion resistance than S30V as well - perhaps on par with CPM154. None of which should make sense - they all have the same amount of chromium, so their corrosion resistance should be about the same at appropriate hardness levels, but it isn't... I seem to rust S30 just by looking at it sideways.

I like the added niobium too - it is my understanding that in addition to creating harder carbides, it also helps reduce and refine grain size, and that's a big plus.

x SF med and Barbarian: Exactly. Before this most recent round of "super steels," I'd owned, used, and carried knives in just about all of the popular steels. While I do have my preferences, steel type has never put me off owning a particular knife. These are the things that are important to me in a knife, in order of importance:

1) It cuts what I need it to cut.
2) Durable and easy to maintain.
3) Ergonomics.
4) Looks cool just sitting there.

If the knife has all of that, then for me, it's a good value for my hard earned dollar. If it's a knife I'm designing or building, what I strive for is the perfect balance of those attributes.
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