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Shipping Date Question

Hello QP's,

To cut to the quick I am graduating from college in May and I am in the process of obtaining an 18x contract, took the ASVAB and got the paperwork together, just need to go back for the physical.

Coming into the process I told my recruiter that I have already committed to being in weddings this summer and also need to help my parents move (they need the help physically) so I would be unable to ship until mid August. Today my recruiter said the next ship date is June 8. He and the other recruiters made it seem that this was a now or never decision.

They said I could try to pull together wedding invitations and other paperwork stating my reasons for pushing back my ship date but it was unlikely to be approved and that once the June ship date passes it is unlikely to receive another 18x slot.

My question, does it seem the recruiters are pressuring me to quickly sign a contract for their sake and in that case should I wait? Or is there reason to believe that 18x slots won't be achievable after June?

My bottom line is that I am only seeking an 18x contract, however, I understand that I am in no way justified in having the Army bend over backwards for me in regards to my ship date.

I am aware that some of y'all have experience on the recruiting side of things and may have insight into this situation. I appreciate any advice y'all can give as well as your time.
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