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Google got this

Also got this from his profile.
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A few good replies so far. I like the 60 year old college student's reply.

You know something what a strange thread started here, A person goes thru S.F. training and complains. Claims he has the tab, but won't show it on his profile. Hmmmmmmm..

Maybe if he is so dissatified with the S.F. he should give the tab back.

I don't recall any training making one a expert coming out of the box of training, but rather the basic knowledge of what needs to be done.

You take that, mix it with experience and wal-la, you might have a expert..notice I said "Might" that is left up to person wheter to apply his experience with what he was taught at school.

I'm back in college (age 60) and I can say the same thing about that education also.

But as time and "Experience" has taught me, its just a stepping stone, its the path to success, the rest is up to me wheter to make it a success or failure.

Don't find him listed in AKO
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