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18D to BSN!

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has started a program called the Veterans Access Program, which allows medically trained veterans access to a traditional or accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree(BSN).This means any medically trained veteran, or a veteran that wasn't a medic, but since being out has gone that path i.e CNA, EMT, paramedic, already a nurse but want a BSN.
The program has the potential, as in my case, to get an 18D a BSN in only 3 semesters. The program has been set up to maximize credit from a veteran or active servicemember's Joint Service Transcript, in order to get the most applicable credit. I personally was granted a great deal of credits, in addition to credit for my clinical experiences while in SOCM/SFMS. Veterans get priority admission, and are given specialized advising, as well as priority clinical placement. Lastly the grant that pays for the program is co-sponsored by Cone Health, and the head of Talent Acquisition is one of the professors for a special MIL-CIV transition course. The program is well thought out, well funded, and is currently running.

Check it out!
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