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Originally Posted by tonyz View Post
It might be nice for young folks to pause for just a moment and consider that they just might being manipulated by Marxists for Marxists...its fascinating once you begin to look.

ETA: But one of the problems might be that Marxism, socialism, progressivism, etc., is no longer viewed as a threat to freedom by many young folks.
Sometimes they may not pause on their own to reflect. Had somewhat this discussion with #1 grand-daughter when she started college at a campus 40 miles away. She found she had to steer clear of some folks because "I'm already a bit too conservative for them." She's always been pretty solid; objectivity scares some off apparently.

However, with one of the BLM/Antifan tactics being to recruit "harmless" people to achieve legitimacy, we had a discussion - mostly me - about why they put their harmless pawns around them as an outer wall in their tactical street formations. She gets it now, but I wasn't going to let the conversation not happen. People need to have talks with their kids, even at the risk of being characterized incorrectly. But it needs to be said, and not backed away from. The other lesson she knows, for many years, is this:

"A socialist is just a communist that hasn't pulled their gun on you. Yet."

Don't assume the kids get it - reinforce it.
"Civil Wars don't start when a few guys hunt down a specific bastard. Civil Wars start when many guys hunt down the nearest bastards."

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