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Polish "Hooligans" Demonstrate

The moniker is applied by the National police to the Poles who demonstrate.
But participants, many of whom did not wear masks, waved Polish flags and chanted, “God, honour and homeland!

This year’s demonstration was organised under the motto “Our Civilisation, Our Rules” and its advertising poster showed a knight breaking a red-and-rainbow-coloured star, an apparent reference to communism and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) community.
Full story here.

"hooligans" - As Donald Sutherland would say:
"Always with the negative vibes, man..."

Considering the immediately previous women's demonstration over abortion law, it's easy to see we're not the only country with a deep divide in terms of traditional values vs. 20th century morals incorporated into national law, and the fight for both.
"Civil Wars don't start when a few guys hunt down a specific bastard. Civil Wars start when many guys hunt down the nearest bastards."

The coin paid to enforce words on parchment is blood; tyrants will not be stopped with anything less dear. - QP Peregrino
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