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Originally Posted by TheBeatenPath View Post
First off, thank you for taking the time to read through this:

I'm a new 18C in 3rd with no prior experience, we're deploying to Africa this year, and I don't have a senior to guide me through things, i'm going through all the channels and resources I can. Our team is sending 2 guys on the PDSS, and i'm trying to figure out what I will need to know.

Obviously they'll be mission specific, but i'm hoping someone could at least point me in the right direction so i'll know what to think about. i.e. what is the latrine situation like. Road systems in AO, conditions, what to expect in the rainy season, Types of vehicles to avoid etc. Is there storage room for equipment? electricity available.

Generalized questions that can steer me.

Thank you all,
Not only your TM SGT knows and has been on a PDSS before. I 100% know your Officers have the PDSS check list because I give them the new one each class and we teach it here in the Q-Course. PM inbound don't say anymore on here I know what BN you are in.
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