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Originally Posted by Snappy View Post
wow.. way to set an example. thanks anyways.
Snappy - Now that you've made yourself into a chew toy, I'll take pity on you (for as long as it takes me to type this post). Whatever your expectations are WRT the SFQC - they're wrong. Or at least "underinformed". Rest assured that IF you make it to the SFQC, you will be receiving the best training available to prepare you to be an entry level member of an SFODA. When an SF Soldier shows up at his first team, he is expected to have working knowledge (expertise comes after years of experience) of an incredible variety of skills. The SFQC has finite resources to impart those skills. That means everything is prioritized. Marksmanship is a VERY low priority. It's highly perishable, a PITA to schedule and conduct in a schoolhouse environment (unless you're in one of the "shooting" schools - then it's just expensive), and (did I mention?) highly perishable. IOW - it's not worth the effort to put it in the Schoolhouse when it'll all have to be retaught (and then sustained) at the unit. Trust me when I tell you that everyone preparing to deploy spends enough time shooting to convince their CofC that they are safe, effective, and can accomplish their mission down range.

As for SEALS - There's a reason they spend so much time shooting in their "pipeline". There's also a reason SF's "pipeline" is TWO YEARS long (and prioritizes skills other than shooting). The respective schoolhouses produce vastly differing products. If you don't appreciate the difference, you might want to focus your efforts somewhere besides SF; otherwise you will find yourself as disgruntled (and clueless) as the individual who's comments started this thread.

NOW - read more and post less.
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