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Originally Posted by abc_123 View Post

Thanks for that. I'm fishing right now in probably 8->3' water at low tide.

Have a good fishing pfd with small floating vhf radio on the shoulder. Have mirror etc. And have a small personal locator strobe on order. Radio i good enough to hit the repeaters in the bay. Have leashes in the important stuff (like my padfle and my tackle) and i have a small knife on the pfd in case i need to cut something away. Besides I'm staying shallow until I get the hang of things and I do a few capsize drills. I have one smaller rod and reel combo rigged with 15# braid and 20# flouro leader. I have a slightly bigger and stiffer combo with 30# braid. Still running the 20# leader but have #40. Take both with me on the water.

Leaders are just shy of 2x pole length. Used a uni-uni knot to tie on one leader and an Alberto knot to do the other. I think I jacked up the Alberto because itshe not as small/smooth as I want. Will cut and retie. Am using a loop knot to tie on the shrimp so it has more action. Oh, I've been using a popping cork with some beads with the shrimp 18-24" behind that (using the same 20# leader). That seemed to be the consensus of all the ******* videos I've watched...

I need to do some DIY work and rig a way to mount a battery powered light in case I get stuck paddling back after dark.

Roger on the wind and tides.
Try shorter. Although trout and jack come in from the front, most grocery fish come up behind the bait, so you don't need to bother with length, and shorter leaders are easier to cast..

There are never ending debates about flouro vs what ever. I like the Bimini for ease of replacement. and I like limp mono rather than the harder more abrasive resistant stuff. Again, easier to cast and less storage memory..

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