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TR I appreciate that and hope items have been functional. The book" Lighten up" by Don Ladigin was given to me by one of the instructors. It is an easy read and used to convey some of the ideas about Light and Ultra Light backpacking. I was pleased to find the weights of our pieces fall in line and it was interesting to understand more about that kind of hiking. I also had some nice discussions with AT hikers at NOC.

Another use for the system is as an Evac Bag, not sure how many remember the old bag with the fur around the collar but that was quite a piece and weighed over ten pounds, this works better at less than half the weight while giving Med Personnel great access, even in cold temps. One or both pieces are useful in "Speed Ball" resupplies or "BOBs" for cold regions and they work pretty well in a cool FOB, expedient shelter, trench or litter. The orange we use can makes those pieces panel markers but coyote brown, green, white and grey are also available.
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