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mojaveman 04-20-2015 12:35

California drought causes cattle and elk to compete for pasture
Anybody hunt elk in California?

Streck-Fu 04-20-2015 12:38

Bring a rifle and as many Yeti coolers as you can haul....

Hand 04-20-2015 14:50

I would wager your paycheck that the folks wanting the farmers to be evicted are the exact same folks who would restrict hunter access to the elk herds.

Stobey 04-20-2015 15:01

I think you would be right.

The Reaper 04-20-2015 16:33

And no hunting with lead bullets or shot in Kali.

I guess you will be using Unobtanium 238.:rolleyes:

And all cars will need to replace their lead acid batteries.

I wonder who gets the concession to mine all of the lead out of the ground and ship it out of state?


mark46th 04-26-2015 21:33

I can't speak for the Point Reyes area but I can speak for the area around King City, California and the area between Santa Margarita and McKittrick, East of Bakersfield. Rainfall is below average but not by much and the rain they did get was well timed. I hunted pigs last month and the grass was waist high. The cowboys I hunted with are ecstatic, their cattle are fat and happy. There is more than enough feed for cattle, elk, deer and hogs. Go to this thread and look at the pictures I posted if you don't believe me.

What the article doesn't mention is that most ranchers participate in a program to help the elk. If the rancher allows the elk to stay on his land, the California Department of Wildlife will issue them tags to hunt a limited number of elk. The going rate is $7000.00 for a cow elk, $12,000.00 for a BULL and $15,000.00 for a trophy bull. The cattleman love this arrangement. If they get 10 or 12 tags, they make a lot of cash.

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