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NousDefionsDoc 01-18-2005 13:02

Need a little help
From somebody with access to the USG med supply catalog. I need noun/nomenclature, NSN, units, etc. to order the following from the Army supply system and I don't have access to a catalog. Much appreciated.

epi-1:1000 1mg/ml
epi-1:10,000 0.1mg/ml
diphenhydramine caps 25mgs
doxycycline hyclate tabs 100mgs
ringer's lactate
Erythromycin opthalmic
neomycin otic
Bee sting kits-5

Israeli bandage
Field dressing
insect repellant
sun screen
Surgical gloves 7 1/2
IV starter kits
18 ga IV catheters
2' ace
4' ace
alcohol prep pads

Surgicalcric 01-18-2005 13:22

PM inbound momentarily.


NousDefionsDoc 01-18-2005 13:32

Thanks Crip. I would have been disappointed if you hadn't filched...I mean aquired a catalog by now. Well done grasshopper. :lifter

Surgicalcric 01-18-2005 14:27

You have taught me well Enlightened One.

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