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Fonzy 07-12-2014 11:46

Application of ITClamp on live tissue

I am in no way affiliated with Combat Medical Systems, I just thought this was an interesting product.

I went to Warrior Expo East yesterday with a fellow paramedic classmate and vet. Always a good time to see all the new gee-whiz latest and greatest toys out there, but the medical section was interesting. We came across a booth from Combat Medical Systems that wasn't getting much attention and were treated to a rather interesting demonstration of their iTClamp product.

The rep stated they were looking for a solution for a GSW to an artery that can be quickly applied while under fire where taking the time to put on a TQ would take too much time. The best way I can describe the product that caught our eye is as one of those little pincher things that girls use to put their hair up.

Application is as simple as exposing the wound, placing the applicator midline over the wound, pressing in with the spikes, and clamping. According to the rep, they had issues believing the item would work as promised so the inventors created the bellow video for them. It works by creating pressure and forcing the body to form it's own clot (which you can see being removed in the video). The surgeon then poke and prod the artery to try to get it to bleed again, which it doesn't.


We did a little talking after and a few concerns were brought up; the theory is there with a clean surgical cut, but that GSW isn't going to be nice and straight. Will it still work under a nasty and not so clean intrusion? We were also a little taken back that it only came in one size, in a world were ounces make pounds and not every wound is small and perfect like this, would it's application be limited where you only had one size and one option to fit a specific niche of a wound? Again, I fully admit my medical training is limited to the near completion of my Paramedic course and I apologize if I placed this in the wrong section, it seemed like this would be something worth passing on to you gentlemen. They also presented a very interesting and very dummy proof surgical airway kit, though I can't seem to find any online resources about it.


swatsurgeon 07-18-2014 21:48

Let's put some anatomy and physiology to this product. You have a "deep" laceration that's bleeding and you choose to apply the ITclamp. It closes the skin and approximates the superficial subcutaneous tissues....if there is ANY space below the laceration, the blood will and does dissect into those tissue planes and the bleeding continues because it's not a closed space to tamponade the bleeding. I played with this device and was very underwhelmed with its applicability. If it is a superficial laceration, it works fine but if the lac is deep, forget it, save your money and use combat gauze and/or a swat-t tourniquet to apply either appropriate pressure or tourniquet To stop the bleeding.
This is a device looking for an indication IMHO


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