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Box 12-11-2019 15:16

ODA 2013
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So - in Haiti waaaaaay back in 1995 my ODA did a swap with ODA 2013. ODA 2013 had a brass plate fabricated and attached to an old iron canon in the courtyard. One of their guys asked me "just make sure the last guys out bring it home"

The UN took over and I ended up with the plate - fast forward a few deployments and a PCS and the plate disappeared into the black hole that exits in my attic and stayed hidden for the next ten years.

Fast forward again to 2008 and I put out a few feelers looking for someone from ODA-2013 during the Haiti time frame but I had no takers - then came more deployments and another move and the plate was forgotten for another ten years.

Fast forward to present day North Carolina. it has been 25 years since we first rolled into the beautiful island of Hispaniola to enjoy fresh ground Dominican coffee and hand rolled premium cigars at basement prices and I recently came across that brass plate as I was clearing out a careers worth of Army crap collecting dust in my attic and garage.

I would really like to return it to someone from that team - old guy or new guy. I am going to scan and post a photo of the Canon with the Plate as soon as I get a chance. If I can't find any takers, I am going to take the plate the the Airborne/Special Operations Museum and donate it so everyone else can enjoy it.


steeve20 12-25-2019 17:50

I was .on 2013 but not in Haiti I was with the AOB. 2013 Was in Quanamenth. That Team came from Massachusetts. I belief Big Nose was on that Team Then. I kinda think though he might of Died. The Team is currently in A 1/20 in Alabama. Who do you think should get it back? The members of the team at that time came from C 1/20 in Mass but went as 2013.

Box 12-25-2019 21:53

We swapped out in Oanamenth - I thnk the AOB was in Cap Haitian.

Overall, I reckon the current 2013 would be the best home - giving it to a single person from a composite ODA form 30 years ago would just land it right back in someone else's garage.

JimP 12-26-2019 07:34

Box - I'll reach out to the Chapter 54 guys in Mass. I left Haiti and went to brief up a replacement team out at Mckall and I think it was the 2013 guys as they were all from my old scuba team (113). TL - Donnie G; Warrant - John F; TS - Mike H...????? Ring a bell?

W9er 12-26-2019 08:27

I was on that team. It was a great bunch of guys, and would like to think we did some good down there, but it was / is Haiti. I personally have no recollection of the plaque, so it would make sense to get it to 2013 in AL. I don’t believe anyone from that deployment would have a problem with it.

steeve20 12-26-2019 10:00

I talked to the Team XO at the time. He beliefs it should go to C co. I'm an Alabama guy, but I think the Team members should decide. It may have been considered a composite team to some. I always considered it an A 1/11 team. At the time the Team was D 1/20. Now the Company is C 1/20. Some much for history.

I have the Warrant's contact info you can PM me if you want to get in touch with him. Good chance that you know him

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