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Davecgar 08-23-2019 09:08


First off I would like to thank all the Special Forces soldiers for their dedicated service and sacrifice for this country and their brothers in arms. Also thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge on this site to help others on their path to SF.

I am a 22 year old college student in my senior year of my engineering degree program. I am also a 13J in the Army National Guard. My goal is to go to SFAS in the spring of 2020, when I graduate college and my NG contract is up.

I have used this site since high school to learn and research about SF. I am very thankful for the QPs on this site for all the information I have gained over the years and have the upmost respect for the job you do.

Now back to PT.

Tx_runner 08-28-2019 23:22

Howdy from Texas
Hello all on Professional Soldiers,

I currently am a college sophomore going for a Civil Engineering major.
I plan on finishing out this semester and then shipping off with an 18X.

I have already met with my local recruiter the past few weeks and I am working on my paperwork to go to MEPS.

January is when I am aiming for a spot at 18X. So until then, I will be reading "Get Selected", along with other books recommended within Get Selected.

I have been physically preparing just for SF since this summer with Hard To Kill fitness programs.

Ever since I found out about SF I immediately knew I wanted to join.
Thanks to all of the Quiet Professionals and prospective Green Berets for imparting your knowledge to us!

Lm81 08-30-2019 18:10

How you guys doing today I'm so happy to find this forum... I'm a 38 male currently just got back in the New York national guard heading to ocs summer of 2020 I'm a Narcotics detective in the Bronx. Hopeing to branch infantry and put in a package to go to sfas after the required time in rank. Looking forward to learning about sf life and the pipeline.

Steelcurtain 09-07-2019 21:17

Hey everyone,

I am a prior service Naval Aircrewman. Separated a few years ago and worked as a contractor while finishing my bachelor's degree. Now a few weeks away from completing my master's degree and in the meantime I ruck, run, and do calisthenics daily in preparation for the 18X route.

Thank you to all those who contribute to this community and to those that fight for the protection of my freedoms.

Obviously Blind 09-09-2019 02:38

Sup Brochachos,

I am a AD Marine. PCSing to 2nd Mar Div soon, wish I could have stayed at 1st Marines. Thinking about going 18E after this contract or doing an early sep towards the end.

Respect to everyone who serves.

AERō 09-27-2019 11:22

Hello, I am 27 and Prior Service Army. I joined the military when I was 19 in the Hopes of going to Special Forces and was never given the chance while on Active Duty...Ive never really had big issues in the PT aspects as I usually score in the low 300's (extended scales) while in and even now while i've been going to school using the G.I Bill... I've been working out/running/rucking on and off and staying active every single day while also reading and doing brain games, push-ups/sit-ups/ and many other workouts to improve my over all focus and memory skills while being fatigued. I am currently working with a local Recruiter to obtain a 18X contract in the hopes of getting a shot at selection this go around. I have been reading and Taking Notes from the GET SELECTED!!! book for a about a week now while also reading "The Ugly American" "masters of chaos" "chosen soldier" and studying hard to re-take the ASVAB while I am in the The Police Academy at a local C.C. My first go-around I only got a 98 GT score, so I got a private tutor at the local Community College helping me out and teaching me new test-taking techniques I had no idea even existed before to get my scores above 110. I found this site while researching the the SF Groups and their history and areas of operation around the globe. I am here to learn and study and take in as much helpful guidance as I can from the "Quite Professionals" and make sure I prepare the right way (smarter NOT harder) and can become an asset to a ODA some day, if I actually am Selected...

-Thank You All For Your Great Service, Sacrifices, And Commitment to Our Great Nation along with the Mentorship you Show those willing to attempt your unique way of life and the understanding of it...again thank you.

Anthony112233 10-04-2019 21:39

Iím currently serving in the Army at Ft Hood as a mechanic (91b), I plan on going through SFAS in April 2020 Iím excited but know I got to work hard before going. Itís a dream of mine I think about it constantly.

glebo 10-07-2019 06:36


Originally Posted by Anthony112233 (Post 653356)
Iím currently serving in the Army at Ft Hood as a mechanic (91b), I plan on going through SFAS in April 2020 Iím excited but know I got to work hard before going. Itís a dream of mine I think about it constantly.

Good luck, if I can do it, you can also. I started out as a mechanic (63B). I also know several who have been mechanics as well.

Rackem88 10-17-2019 11:44

Greetings fellas,

I have been a lurker on this board for sometime and have used it as a resource to prepare for the Army. I have been fortunate to obtain an 18x contract for next year and am ready to get after it. Currently I am 29 years old, work as a farmer, and grew up as a swimmer, wrestler, and lacrosse player. I have been using Atomic Athleteís War Machine program for a few months now. I am thankful for this forum as a resource and the guys who dedicate time to help us out.

Thank you,

4ndy182 10-18-2019 20:09

Iím Andrew W. Currently active duty getting ready for my first PCS. Originally from California. Looking forward to some sound advice. Went to selection last November and came unprepared for land nav. Spent too much time focusing on the end goal and not enough on my 25m target.

Sky Trash 10-19-2019 20:32

Good evening, Iíve been a part of this forum for awhile lurking and needed to post my intro so here I am. Currently serving at my first unit as an LPN with hopes to become a 18D. Iíve been soaking up as much as I can from this forum and plan to keep soaking it in until I pass SFAS.

Kentucky514 11-07-2019 13:31

Hello all and thank you so much for making a space on your website for guests like myself. I have been preparing to go 18x after I finish my bachelor's degree for several years but experienced several issues that set me back. Regardless, I am continuing to push through and hope to be ready soon. The SF mission is so vital and unique. I sincerely hope to someday have the privilege of contributing to it. In the meantime, I am just trying to hit the 25m target.

eightytwo 11-12-2019 17:35


Joker 11-12-2019 22:06

Welcome and best of luck to those that are aspiring to earn the Green Beret.

Jdad3406 11-26-2019 08:35

Hello everyone

I made an initial post on here back in 2012 but I have been off the grid for quite sometime so I figured I would post again. I am a USAR Drill Sergeant serving out of FT Benning. I spent my first 6 years in the ARNG as an Infantry Scout, instructor and S3 NCO. I currently live in South Carolina and I am contemplating dropping my packet but would have to repay my bonus back.

I just started the 10-week THOR3 program yesterday and will let you know of the progress for future applicants to the program.

Thanks to those who post information that is critical in the determination factor for myself and other hopefuls out there.

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