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rab97 12-15-2006 16:42

It's all in good humor. We're constantly reminded how we've achieved nothing so I guess all of us lowly students are s-bags of some form. Thanks for the warning though, and now I'll go back to monitoring for good information. Have a happy holiday season. ;)

ajax 08-05-2007 15:48

What AS degree do 18D's receive?

Needle D 08-10-2007 05:09

Already Done
Has anyone mentioned getting degrees for guys already through? I doubt they will but i was just wondering if the cadre had mentioned us at all? Thanks

SFS0AVN 08-10-2007 09:08


Originally Posted by x SF med
Be careful rab... don't start pissing on people's legs who may be on your team in the future, esp. if they might be a higher rank than you.

+1, don't burn the bridges in either direction.
It is nice to see the chance of getting AA degrees now. We just received a few credits through the Post Education center.

Books 08-10-2007 19:31

Back to the original intent of this post. . . I've no idea if the AAS/AS degree is still in the works, but Campbell University has a program as does Western Carolina University for a Bachelors. You have to take some more classes, but if you're degree hunting. . .

Here's a link for the WCU bit.

I'll see if I can find any info on the Cambell.


Ambush Master 08-10-2007 20:32


Originally Posted by Needle D
Has anyone mentioned getting degrees for guys already through? I doubt they will but i was just wondering if the cadre had mentioned us at all? Thanks

Hell, Crip is going to get a Degree for just getting through the Q!!!!!:D :munchin

Priest 06-23-2009 14:04

Has anyone gone through the process of applying for and receiving the credits through WCU? Was just curious if its a viable option or not.

Surgicalcric 06-23-2009 14:14

Yes; there are several guys I know of who have received the credits for the 18D course, a couple of which have finished their degrees so far.

It is more than worth the time and effort for those who dont have an undergraduate degree.


uboat509 06-25-2009 15:42

I just found out today that I will not be going to WCU. It seems that they lost a bunch of funding for their EMS program and instead of two classes of sixty per year they are down to one class of twenty per year. The guy I talked to in admissions was very polite and helpful but he told me that in order to be competitive for this program an applicant needs to have at least sixty transfer credits. That's sixty actual college credits on top of whatever they will give you for your military training (around sixty for an 18D). I don't have that and will not have that any time soon. So WCU is a great deal for 18Ds, IF they already have a bunch of college.


whocares175 09-02-2009 13:31

i dont know how the college credits worked previously for 18d's but i do know in about 2 weeks the school will finish the accrediation process. as for what will happen next i have no clue. been too busy worrying about all 8000 of these tests everyweek to research much more. as i find out more i'll let you guys know.

Slaby 07-10-2010 13:44


Aequitas 07-10-2010 13:55

I was recently admitted into the Western Carolina University BS degree in Emergency Medical Care program for this fall. I'll post more details on how many credits I get from 18D and previous college experience once I get the ball rolling...

rab97 07-12-2010 20:46

FYI for qualified 18D's...The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) has set up a similar program to the Western Carolina University one for guys looking for options.

Richard 07-12-2010 20:54

For historical background:

In my time, the 91B4S PMOS gave you a year's worth of college credit and the recognition to challenge the LPN exam for certification in a number of states. An additional year's worth of specified credits would give you an ADN (Associate Degree - Nursing) in several states.

Richard :munchin

whocares175 08-15-2010 16:14

i've talked to mr cox several times regarding this issue...all i get is "its still in the works. the accreditation committe came and made their recommendations now we're just waiting." so who knows....i know, as many have already stated, that several colleges offer many different options. university of phoenix, campbell (probably the best one to deal with considering they have classes at night at JSOMTC), western carolina university, etc.

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