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Bolo61 11-20-2011 17:09

Ineligible for SFAS
Last week I found out I will not be able to attend SFAS.

I commissioned in 07 through a military junior college and did two years in a National Guard infantry unit while finishing my bachelors. In 2009 I elected for active duty, and was branched everybody's favorite branch - chemical.

After completing OBC I was assigned to the 101st and deployed to Afghanistan.

At this time my ORB said I was a 09 YG. I thought that was incorrect, and ran this issue up to the BDE S1 and was told that I should be an 09 YG because I came on AD in 2009. When I got back a couple months ago I started putting together a packet as a 09 YG. At this time, my branch manager decided to change my ORB to make me an 08 YG.

Despite the recommendation from my chain of command, I was unable to get a waiver to apply as an out of year group candidate.

I know that SF has no problem recruiting high-speed combat arms officers with more experience and schooling than me. I harbor no illusions of being God's gift to SF, nor do I take it for granted that I could just stroll into the SF community. It is, however, a disappointment that I will not be able to see if I have what it takes to serve at the tip of the spear.

I am still looking into different routes into SF or a more challenging job in the Army. I would have been willing to go as an 18X, but that is not open to prior service at my rank.

Richard 11-20-2011 17:58

B = Branch = Bureaucracy...

And so it goes...

Richard :munchin

Geenie 11-21-2011 04:30


Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel that it is important for others to see that there are many things that can get in the way of an SF career. This is definitely humbling to read and all the more reason to always focus on that 25m target and not get ahead of yourself.

I wish you the best and hope that you do end up finding a way to meet your career goals eventually.

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