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Harry C 09-30-2014 04:13

After SOCM

I recently graduated from SOCM and I am beginning Phase II. Rotations were a great opportunity to expand on what I learned at the schoolhouse and gain the confidence that my training was effective. I saw how our training prepares us to excel in certain areas of medicine, and also how our limited training time at the schoolhouse cannot expose us to everything.

I know that SFMS will expand that knowledge further, but the onus is on myself to always continue learning.

As I move forward into the pipeline, how do I prevent this training from eroding? How do I expand on what I've learned? What are some areas of medicine that new 18D's struggle with, that I can start familiarizing myself with now?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention. SOCM was a fulfilling experience and has created a hunger to always be a better medic. I hope I can carry that attitude with me through the rest of my career.

Doczilla 03-15-2015 11:09

You will have the following sustainment requirements:
Non-trauma module (NTM) every 2 years. Approximately 40 hour refresher on vet, prev med, dental, physical therapy, psych.
Special Operations Combat Medic Skills Sustainment Course (SOCMSSC) every 2 years. It is here that you will recertify in ATP, ACLS, PEPP, etc. and refresh those core 18D skills.
Medical Proficiency Training (MPT). These are hospital rotations where you will serve at particular facilities in a variety of disciplines. ER, surgery, anesthesia, burn, ortho, PT, and others. If you do 2 weeks, it expires in 2 years. If you do 4 weeks, it expires in 4 years.


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