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Isshin2 01-30-2013 10:26

Last year, while in Afghanistan, I use the Blitz for six weeks. I did not get a chance to post my progress due to our optempo and for a while was blocked. I was pleased with the results and plan to implement this program again when I can afford a gym membership. If I remember my program correctly, it consisted of:

Bench Press
Bicep Curl
Lat Pull Down
Weight Crunches
Leg extensions
Leg Curls
Calf Raises

I used a machine for all exercises except for the crunches and calf raises. I progressed just as Blitzzz described it should be in the information he sent me and with his guidance. I had to drop the bicep curl, because it was interfering with the lat pull down. I also incorporated running and sprinting on days off, with one ruck march during the week.

I had an APFT in week seven. I scored a 300 with the highest number of push-ups and sit-ups and the fasted run time in my career. On the push-up and sit-up events, my muscular endurance was phenomenal as compared to my previous fitness tests. I was able to maintain a fast and steady rhythm for the entire two minutes.

My strength was a little different. In week 8, I was curious and decided to test my max. I put my warm-up weight of 205lbs on the bench. I was able to lift it, but it felt like I was trying to lift a Mac Truck. The same thing occurred with my squat. My body was no longer use to lifting heavy weights. However, I decided to keep lifting heavy for the next two weeks. By the third week, my body was use to the heavy weights again and I had surpassed my previous max in my two main lifts.

I hope this helps in giving you some idea of results. I am currently doing a bodyweight routine because it's inexpensive and available. I was definitely pleased with the results of The Blitz and plan to use it again when I have access to a proper gym.

Irishsquid 02-01-2013 00:14


I'm a 100% barbell and dumbell guy. I've been trying for ages to find a way to implement the Blitz protocol using barbells and multijoint movements. I could use some advice.

If I want, for instance, to work hamstrings, Romanian deadlifts or straight-leg deadlifts are the ticket, but then if I work squats or "regular," deadlifts, I'll be overtraining the glutes, right? Or would that not be a problem, since they aren't the "primary," mover in these exercises?

Would I be better served to do some kind of modified Blitz protocol, sort of a Workout A/Workout B system? Or would I be better served by just cutting down on the number of exercises?

<Overhead presses, hang snatches, squats, Romanian deadlifts> would seem to give a pretty comprehensive workout...

Any advice?

ETA: Starting everything with an empty olympic weight bar, and increase as needed from there.

Blitzzz (RIP) 02-01-2013 10:09

Squid, Free weights are fine with Blitz. A thought here. I tend to exercise muscles, and bring them to their finest peak/conditioning. Deadlift, swinging a bat, shooting a basketball , pitching. dancing are all activities. Activities done better with muscle perfection. I would exercise the muscles involved in an activity instead of using the activity as an exercise.

Blitzzz (RIP) 04-27-2014 08:27

Been gone a while.
Hey guts, I've been out for a while and was awakened by I have a favor to ask of anyone who used the Blitz . I am collecting Feedback for a project and would like any...good or bad ...that any of you may have experienced
I thank you all in advanced

BryanK 03-25-2015 09:28

I just heard of Dave's passing. My wife and I met him in Nashville a few years ago, and he was a good guy. Rest in Peace Dave :(

PSM 03-25-2015 18:28

Rest in Peace, MSG Boltz.


Landslide 12-12-2019 14:49


abc_123 01-21-2020 20:42


Originally Posted by Landslide (Post 654339)
I am really interested in this program and unfortunately I see that Blitzzz has passed away. Does anyone in this thread have a full copy of the methodology? I see that in another thread Blitz wrote a simplified version of his instructions, but I gather there is a PDF with more detailed instructions as well as an Excel spreadsheet, I would love to get those if anyone has them.


Just now seeing this.

I might have some stuff hanging around. I had some extensive back and forth with him about a decade ago (+-) and kept a bunch of stuff that I printed out in a manilla folder that I have hanging around somewhere in a box. I will look for it for you. However, I can tell you that you can gain a bunch of info if you sort through the entire Blitzz thread.

For a time, I was in a situation where I had the equipment access and motivation to give this methodology an honest shot. I kept a spreadsheet of detailed timings and weights, reps etc. I documented everything. It was tough because I never had a workout partner. It is hard to push yourself and move at the speed that your circuit requires to get any benefit, but it can be done. I never was able to get my lower body dialed in, though. However I can say that I did achieve upper body strength endurance levels way beyond what I ever experienced before or since. And this was after playing D1AA Football, serving 19-20yrs in the Army and serving in SF for over a decade. 10's more Pushup Reps without stopping than any other APFT in my career. Pullups? Way more than ever. All pretty freaky actually. Eventually life happened and I ended up without access to uncrowded gym equipment that is essential to keeping up the speed that you need....and I fell away from this.

Others may have had different experiences, and I am not qualified to debate the science. All I know is that I didn't hurt myself and that it worked for my upper body.

Recommend that if you try it and want the best results the fastest, you keep the circuits to a managable number of exercises (start small), focus on your upper body, and whatever you do, do not short-cut the startup and "break in" phase. Add weight and volume too fast and you will hurt yourself. Follow Blitzz's rules and you will be fine.

Good luck, and PM me if you want to talk specifics.


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