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Murak 07-01-2011 14:43

Blitz -> SFAS
Upon speaking with blitzzz regarding this training regimen, I will be incorporating SORB's running/rucking recommendations with this training program within the next week. Regarding SFAS, I will update results with a goal to aid other brothers along the same route we're currently focused on. As I am fairly positive these two PT routines have not been used in conjunction with each other, I'm aiming to correlate these in hopes of, another to be, source of preparation for all of us willing, able, and preparing for SFAS. Charlie mic.

Isshin2 07-02-2011 01:34


Originally Posted by Murak (Post 401748)
Upon speaking with blitzzz regarding this training regimen, I will be incorporating SORB's running/rucking recommendations with this training program within the next week. Regarding SFAS, I will update results with a goal to aid other brothers along the same route we're currently focused on. As I am fairly positive these two PT routines have not been used in conjunction with each other, I'm aiming to correlate these in hopes of, another to be, source of preparation for all of us willing, able, and preparing for SFAS. Charlie mic.

Good luck, I will be watching for your results. I will be starting The Blitz next week. However, due to my deployment schedule, I am only able to ruck once a week. I go for 12 miles with a 45lb ruck, but haven't incorporated speed into the workout. I will also post my results from The Blitz.

Murak 07-15-2011 20:02

Began 'Blitz" regimen this week finding 1RM/GRs on Monday doing a complete workout Friday. For a complete description of the SITREP, I felt it necessary to include what additional training I am incorporating along with the "Blitz" program. Monday - Morning: 3mi run
- Evening: Blitz ->
Exercise: 1RM SW GR
Smith-machine Bench: 270#; 90# 56
Hammer Curls (Preacher): 45#; 15# 52
Crunches: GR = 60
BB Lunge Single: 160#; 52.5# 52
Hamstring Curls: 180#; 60# 50
Lat Pulldowns: 170#; 57# 52
Flys (DB): 60#; 20# 44
Smith-machine Deadlift: 353#; 118# 40

Tuesday: 60min ruck w/55lbs.
Wednesday: 3/6min Walk/Run x 5 sets, with issued Belleville hot weather boots.
Thursday: 4/6min Walk/Run x 5 sets, " ."
Friday: Morning -> For Blizting purposes; 85min ruck w/25lbs. Pace count/Velocity emphasis.
: Evening Blitz circuit. To corresponding numbers stated above, I will list the reps completed and post-Blitz thoughts. To insure proper form/velocity, controlling each and every motion held top priority. Keeping in mind to also complete as many reps as possible.
Bench: SW: 90# GR: 56; Reps: 51
Hammers: 15# : 52; Right - 48/Left - 49
Crunches: 56
BB Lunge: 52.5# : 52; Right - 41/Left - 24
Each exercise targeted the appropriate muscle group with desired results, there is one movement that I would recommend substituting. Doing barbell single leg lunges with one leg elevated onto a bench or stable surface created an unnecessary amount of stress on the hips and knees. This led to a suprisingly quick build-up of lactic acid and made it difficult to focus on the primary goal; achieving as many controlled repititions as possible. All though the reps speak for themselves I will experiment to find a proper substitute, in the mean time input on good quad exercises that have produced substantial results would be greatly appreciated.
Hamstring Curls: 60# : 60; 46
Pulldowns: 57# : 52; 49
Flys: 20# : 44; 43
DL: 118# : 40; 32

As this was the first week, only completing Phase One, I am looking forward to the results as this first full circuit gave me the "shakes" upon completion. Legs are very fatigued as I'm sure most has to do with running/rucking as well (4 sets of pushups/situps throughout each day). Although I can't provide much information in terms of results, I figured I would update for any comments/suggestions. Hope all others using 'Blitz' are keeping strong and anticipate viewing successful progress. Thanks all, will continue to update, charlie mic.

Blitzzz (RIP) 07-15-2011 20:29

Quad exercises....
double or single knee extensions.
Best example is from Tom Thobe, who at the end of seven weeks was doing 142 reps per min with 270 lbs Bilateral knee extensions. That comes to 38,380 lbs per min. Big numbers,,so three circuits added up to over 115,000 lbs.

so I would suggest knee extensions..

Murak 07-25-2011 12:11

Phase Two

July 20th '11 GR >< SW; Circuit 1 2
Bench ----------56 >< 90; 46 46
Hammers-------52 >< 15; R:45/L:48 R:47/L:49
Crunches-------60 >< X; 56 60
Leg Ext. --------X >< 70; 39 48
Leg Curls ------60 >< 60; 48 50
Lat Pulls -------52 >< 57; 45 48
Flys ------------44 >< 20; 41 41
Dead Lift ------40 >< 118; 39 37

July 22nd '11 GR SW; Cir. 1 2
Bench ----------56 >< 90; 54 52
Hammers-------52 >< 15; R:48/L:46 R:52/L:48
Crunches-------60 >< X; 64 68
Leg Ext. --------X >< 70; 41 43
Leg Curls ------60 >< 60; 45 48
Lat Pulls -------52 >< 57; 50 50
Flys ------------44 >< 20; 43 44
Dead Lift ------40 >< 118; 39 39

Phase Two - Three Circuits
Today was the first Blitz with three circuits with 30sec or less rest in between. Due to members in the gym and equipment availability time varies, but never more than half a minute. Post-workout results, as an example I use an auxiliary cord to connect my ipod to the head unit in my POV. After the full three circuits and leaving the gym I was having trouble connecting the cord into the ipod, hands were very unsteady. Results below.

July 25th '11 GR >< SW; Cir. 1 2 3
Bench ----------56 >< 90; 47 48 38 (Accidentally put a 5lb on the bar rather than a 2.5)
Hammers-------52 >< 15; 51 51 R:47/L:45
Crunches-------60 >< X; 62 63 57
Leg Ext. --------54 >< 65; 51 47 40
Leg Curls ------60 >< 60; 51 51 50
Lat Pulls -------52 >< 57; 52 52 45
Flys ------------44 >< 20; 46 47 40
Dead Lift ------40 >< 118; 41 41 35

Charlie mic.

Murak 08-01-2011 16:29

Three weeks completed. From the last SITREP total volume from the 27th at 59,241lbs moved up to 64,663lbs as of my most recent circuit, this afternoon. Reps from 1,185 to 1,298. Results:
Bench: C1:52 C2:54 C3:47----GR: 56
Hammers: 1:54 2:56 3:52--------: 52
Crunches: 1:67 2:67 3:67--------: 60
Leg Ext.: 1:59 2:60 3:60--------: 54
Ham curl.: 1:56 2:56 3:56-------: 60
Lat Pulls: 1:54 2:55 3:53-------: 52
Flys: 1:52 2:52 3:46-------: 44
DL: 1:41 2:42 3:40-------: 40

Charlie mic.

Murak 08-16-2011 08:19

Apologize for the tardiness regarding SITREP consistency. Apartment lease contract was up, had to move, busy. Yesterday's Blitz results.

Bench: C1:58 C2:56 C3:52----GR: 56
Hammers: 1:54 2:54 3:46--------: 52
Crunches: 1:74 2:73 3:69--------: 60
Leg Ext.: 1:57 2:57 3:59--------: 54
Ham curl.: 1:58 2:58 3:58-------: 60
Lat Pulls: 1:54 2:57 3:54-------: 52
Flys: 1:58 2:60 3:51-------: 44
DL: 1:43 2:43 3:40-------: 40

Delta-1-Bravo 08-16-2011 11:21

Thanks for continuing to share your results. Couple of suggestions...

It would be interesting to know your Bench, Deadlift & Squat (hamstrings contacting calves) totals. What is your 1-RM, 3-RM or 5-RM in those lifts? What is it now compared to what it was before?

Also, average ruck speed w/55-lbs? What was it before, what is it now? Longest ruck before, longest ruck now? Same thing for pullups (and/or weighted pullups) and 1.5-mile run time.

The data posted shows improvement at a very specific workout. The more important question: are you getting stronger/fitter as it relates to more basic, functional tasks?

Murak 08-16-2011 13:24

Since currently in the middle of the program I am unable to test for maxes at least for another three weeks to see full results, eight-ten weeks I will retest. I am as curious as you :lifter!

Most recent ruck was 6mi 30lb pack, through suggestion from Dave, to maintain pace velocity in accordance with the routine. So I apologize I can not give a definitive before/after as I changed weight to maintain Blitz protocol. Also running in my boots has made a slight bother in my hip, I'm waiting until it's less apparent to ruck again. Time was 1hr 24min. Most recent 1.5mi timed run 9:04. Pullups I will do on my next non-weight day Thursday to give an answer.

I can say that with stretching and participating in the routine, functionally, I notice a difference. Much more flexible, lactic acid build-up has decreased, endurance has increased, and strength is as shown increasing quickly. I can definitively say I am becoming stronger, leaner, and gaining more true muscle mass. Running stride has improved as well as leg endurance via run duration. I hope that helped answer some of your questions.

Delta-1-Bravo 08-16-2011 15:34

Thanks for the info and continued success w/your training.

Murak 09-01-2011 10:51

First off, condolences to Blitzzz, sorry for your loss. RIP Mam.

Retested maxes to begin new circuit with different exercises. Max results as of previous exercises:

Bench- 270 -> 280
Hammer Curl- 60 -> 66
Crunches- 60 -> 84
Leg Extension- 270 -> 280
Leg Curl- 180 -> 273 (Largest jump out of all numbers. Possibly due to lack of training pre-routine, but numbers don't lie.
Lat Pulldown- 171 -> 228 (18 Pull ups)
Flys- 57 -> 66
Dead Lift- 355 -> 360

Will begin new circuit with the following lifts and max numbers, all done on the same day.

Shoulder Press- 147
Barbell Curl- 121
Decline Situps- 60
Leg Press (Machine)- 413
Leg Curl- 273
Wide - grip Lat pulldown- 213
Incline Flys- 66
Dead Lift- 360

Will post circuit results upon completion of workout. Charlie mic. :lifter

Blitzzz (RIP) 10-12-2011 09:38

I am watching your numbers, and would ask these things. How much other than Blitz type exercises are you doing between blitz workouts?
Any work done with the same muscle group with other than blitz weights will be detrimental to best development.
your rep speeds, while looking good, seem "slow" to me. Not being there to coach you, I can'i determine what may be slowing your speeds.
Are you using the Excell worksheet.and following the "no" weight increase until meeting GRs X 3 circuits? may want to reread the "Blitz Pamphlet"
Even done improperly there will be gains, but done as written will benefit the Max..
I am proud of your work and understand the additional work, but believe me when I say it is more detrimental than beneficial, when Blitzing.
PM me and I'll give you my number so we can discuss any problems or concerns you may have .. Dave.

BonesMcCoy 10-13-2011 04:15

Starting tomorrow
Sir, tomorrow I am going to start on your program. I will get all of my 1RM for the exercises tomorrow. Monday I will actually start the program. The exercises I chose to go with are as follows:

1. Machine Bench Press
2. Machine Shoulder Press
3. Lat Pull Down
4. Dead Lift
5. Leg Press
6. Upright Row
7. Hanging Knee Lifts
8. Decline Sit Ups

My question is, in your opinion are the lifts that are not utilizing the machines going to be detrimental to the plan? If so, what would be good substitutions for them. Any other advise/input from you would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Blitzzz (RIP) 01-26-2013 09:28

Any progress?
There have been some questions as to any "results" of Blitzing that could be posted here for others to see. I too am curious for info related to the results.

Doctor Porkchop 01-29-2013 22:35

Blitz program candidate
I've been following this forum for a few years already, I was never able to convince any of my team mates on trying out your program since CF, MA, and Sealfit seem to be popular lately, but now that we are in the Stan my guys are finally accepting the fact that they are not indestructible/invincible. That being said I am going to use the blitz program on my TS, he had an accident earlier last year which is now causing shoulder problems, I've had to administer corticosteroids and that has left him feeling better but not able to lift heavy weights, my goal is to sell your program to the rest of the team using the TS, I have an 8 week time window to provide the results to my guys and to the rest of the blitzzers on this forum, please send me a copy of the blitz program I will PM you with my email address. Any advice as far as PT rehab is welcome. Thanks

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