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JJ_BPK 09-22-2018 07:34


Originally Posted by pyreaux (Post 646188)

Looks like someone is trying to get in on the cash flow generated by the other serialized Y's??


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pyreaux 09-22-2018 08:15

I had the same thought, for the guys that bought them as collectors for ~$1000 they can sell it for one hell of a vacation now. Still a shame these are ending up resold.

tom kelly 09-22-2018 12:28

Yarborough Knife: Value vs.Worth
The value of almost anything is determined by the demand for it. In neoclassical economics the value of an object or service is often seen as nothing but price it would bring on the open market which is a competitive market. Neoclassical Economic Theory equate the Value of a commodity with its price, whether the market is competitive or not. Therefore, everything is seen as a commodity and if there is no market to set a price then there is no economic value. There are many economic theories that discuss this subject,value vs. worth. The Classical Theory of Economics,The labor value of theory, Karl Marx (Erscheinungsform), value is separate from exchange value, it is meaningless without a market. Value in itr most basic sense can be referred to as "Real Value" or "Actual Value" This is the measure of worth that is based purely on the utility derived from the consumption of a product or service. Utility Derived Value allows products ( Yarborough Knives )tobe measured on outcome instead of supply and demand. No single unit has a fixed value unless it is unique such as Yarborough 1, The knife presented to Lt.General William P. Yarborough. Tom Kelly

JJ_BPK 09-24-2018 05:03

2 Attachment(s)

The 1st auction ended last night, SOLD for 6,000 USD

The 2nd is still open until 2:14 PM today, currently at 6,800 USD

The 3rd has one bid at 5,500 USD, with 4.5 days remaining

If you look at the bid list, 95+% are first-time bidders.


Additional info:

If anyone is interested, There is a dude ( Veteran owned Crestview Woodworks ) selling hand-carved SF Crests built to mount the Y or V-42 knives.

SF_BHT 09-24-2018 06:00

Go to their store web page. The eBay pages are always higher.

The owner of the company is a retired SF guy named Scott Kramer.

BuckiBill 09-24-2018 11:16

From the Museum:

I have checked the database. One of them 3611 belongs to someone here living in Raeford, but who is out of the Army. I am trying to contact him, so he can contact you. With the other - 3522, we are encountering a glitch in the main database and this number does not appear. We are trying to work this out.

I didn't ask about the third one as he's a GB that thinks it's funny people give a shit about this stuff.

JJ_BPK 09-25-2018 06:42

The 1st one sold has been relisted??

Ret10Echo 09-25-2018 15:50


Originally Posted by JJ_BPK (Post 646272)
The 1st one sold has been relisted??

Knife flipping??

CW3SF 09-25-2018 17:11


Originally Posted by Ret10Echo (Post 646285)
Knife flipping??

Or the seller is winning the bid himself, trying to artificially drive up the value. All he needs is one sucker to jump in with an actual bid.

pyreaux 09-25-2018 17:59

I read elsewhere that someone ran up the price and bailed on paying.

JJ_BPK 09-26-2018 05:16

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by pyreaux (Post 646289)
I read elsewhere that someone ran up the price and bailed on paying.

There are Shills and AH's

Shills or Ghosts bidders are accounts set up to make false bids to drive up the price. It was mentioned earlier that many of the bidders were 1st time'ers. Shilling is illegal.

A$$H0's are people that list auctions or that bid up auctions for FUN, with ZERO intention of paying. Most are joke auctions.

Examples of stupid auctions

I was almost tempted to bid on Sarah Palin's X-box, but the signature was a little blurry :]

Bill Harsey 10-12-2018 08:45


Originally Posted by BuckiBill (Post 646254)

...I didn't ask about the third one as he's a GB that thinks it's funny people give a shit about this stuff.

As the designers and manufacturer of the Yarborough Knife we agreed with USASOC (in writing) to give a shit about this project.

pyreaux 12-27-2018 08:04

#6554 on the bay

pyreaux 03-30-2019 20:42

#3089 is on the bay now.

tom kelly 04-01-2019 14:10

Value and Worth ?

Originally Posted by pyreaux (Post 650683)
#3089 is on the bay now.

The value of the Yarborough Knife #3089 is reduced to a Monetary amount because of the owner's sense of the worth of an item that at the time the knife was presented it could not have been purchased with dollars. The YARBOROUGH Knife had to be earned. My opinion!

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