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18Xorbust 02-17-2014 17:11

Long range work out plans/advice???
Hello all, I am currently enlisted under an 18X contract and slotted to depart for basic training late in July 2014 (5 months) after I complete my college degree. An issue I have encountered is finding a good work out schedule that lasts longer than 30-45 days, I have no problem simply repeating a workout but what I truly enjoy is completing different workout regimes, I like pushing my body in different ways but I also understand I need to focus on preparing for the selection process. I Have read "Get Selected" several times over and have completed the 30 day workout provided in the book, now I would like to try something else. I found a workout online created by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) I will post the link below and would greatly appreciate it if someone SF qualified or who has been selected could take a look and tell me if it is worth doing. I certainly don't expect anyone to read the entire packet (93 pages) just skim it and let me know what you think. Any other long range workout advice is also appreciated I have found some great workouts on this site and am grateful to those who provided them. Thank you in advance for the feedback.

Training for the Tactical Athlete Assessment&Selection-

The Reaper 02-17-2014 17:43

I recommend the SWCS Assessment and Selection PT instructions for most people.

Of course, the Army needs Airborne Infantrymen as well.


18Xorbust 02-17-2014 23:11

Thank you for the advice, I will ensure it is put to good use.

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