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Attila 06-24-2017 22:55

Grey Group Training
Dose any one know of a site that I can go to that sell all the shiny toys? Grey Group Training, it seems to have gone the way of the Dodo. Thanks

JJ_BPK 06-25-2017 06:27

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You really need to work your google fu..

Mission Ready Equipment Acquires Grey Group Training,,

Acquisition closed February 14, 2013.

Peregrino 06-25-2017 07:50

About three minutes work.

etc., etc., ad nauseum. The internet is rife with Gucci Gear retailers. Some of them even have quality customer service.

As for GGT - having all the shiny toys isn't an indicator of a viable business model. That also goes for "glowing" write-ups in commercial "news" outlets.

Attila 06-25-2017 09:47

Thanks Peregrino. JJ I think that Mission Ready Euq. has also gone the way of the dodo. Thanks for the help!

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