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mjbwarrior 02-14-2012 21:55

I would like to start by saying hello to all and thanks for letting me be apart of the board.

3 years in service
34 yrs old

Yes I joined late in life at 31. No regrets at all...

Oh and one other thing, I am not your stereotypical MI weenie, No World of Warcraft or any other MI weenie stuff here. MI is great but DAMN they are a different breed to say the least. Especially the damn linguists!!! And I'm a linguist!!! WTF!!!

Ambush Master 02-14-2012 23:04


Originally Posted by SfInTraining88 (Post 435098)
I'll send you a message with a different name. I can get carried away with the visualization part of "Get Selected" sometimes haha.


This is CURIOUS, to say the least,.....!!!:munchin

Good Luck Sport!!


Astronomy 02-14-2012 23:18

US Army, SGM (RET) / 18Z5V

1977 - 1980: B/2/75

1980 - 31 DEC 2011: SF (mostly 10th), 1-10 Tolz 80-83

Glad to be here.

- Astronomy

Hillclimb 02-15-2012 21:44

Good evening all,

I'm currently in the Marine Corp reserves drilliing until Jun 2012.

Exploring possibilities within 18x, but will most likely be unable to pursue them due to Prior Service business rules. I like working out, motorcycles and reading(military history).

Thank you all for taking the time to contribute all of the guidance and information here on this online community.

Gus 02-16-2012 15:24

Hello all I'm currently stationed in Alaska with 25th ID. I had posted an intro into introductions IV, but I guess it got dumped. Thanks to everyone who runs this board, it has helped more than just about any other resource.

Isshin2 02-17-2012 14:12

Hello, my name is Robert, I’ve been a member here for almost a year. My original intro disappeared as well as my post count reset to zero. So to be on the safe side I’m reposting my intro. I currently hit my 18 year mark in the military. My first three years were with the Navy Reserves and then I transferred over the National Guard back in 1997.

I started out as an Engineer (21R Interior Electrician) moved over to Military Intelligence back in 2005. I worked active duty National Guard back in 2003 with the Counter Drug Program. It was a great job but only lasted me for three years. But thanks to the National Guard’s buddy system and a little nepotism, I was able to land an AGR job with my current unit.

NeptuneSpeared 02-18-2012 13:28

I posted my intro back in November but it has disappeared so I'll post it again.

My name is James and I'm currently a college student. In the future I plan on applying to OCS and developing the situation from there. Hopefully I'll one day earn the right to wear the green beret.

Hanzo 02-19-2012 00:15

I posted my intro back in December 2011. It looks like the thread has been deleted.

I am proudly enlisted as an 11X and I go to OSUT on 20120828. I plan on applying to go to SFAS before the year is over.

Xamine 02-19-2012 00:28

Updated Intro:

My name is John, I am a full-time college student and a part-time personal trainer. As i said in my previous Intro, I was curious about a career with the military, but have since made my mind up; I will have my AAS by the summer, I plan to enlist as an 18x and DEP so that i can ship after graduation.

ByHisBoots 02-19-2012 13:03

Hey Gents,
I finished the Q in Sept. (18E) and am still kicking around Brag in ILC. Just trying to stay MOS proficient while waiting to go to group.

ma2 02-19-2012 15:55


I wanted to thank all those quiet professionals who have served and who are on this site sharing their insight into a really tough mos. I am a college graduate with a recreation degree and I am currently in DEP for the 18x program and am really excited to have my limits tested. This is my first post and I will take THE REAPER's advice and go gray so that I can get a feel for how you all interact.

iusethisforgood 02-19-2012 19:49

Hello, former 68W, current 31B here serving in LAARNG as an Operations SGT.

I am training for SFRE later this year and all the challenges ahead. I have 6 years in and a deployment to Iraq and Haiti.

Just here to read and absorb. Thanks.

ian0341fo 02-20-2012 11:38

Finally getting around to posting my introduction. Active duty USMC, Scout/Sniper Platoon Sergeant, currently serving with 5th Marine Regiment. Looking forward to some good reading!

Dolly 02-21-2012 08:41

Former AF active and guard. Now seeker of knowledge in all it's forms. I Have the first round in Phoenix it is the least I can do for your service. Thank you and God bless.

Some Guy 02-21-2012 11:12

Hello to all and thanks for having me! I am 23 years old and I am a PS 82nd (2/504) guy. I was (still am ?) a 25U(commo) and deployed once to Iraq. I plan to re-enlist into the NG SF pipeline and I am here to observe and absorb as much useful info as possible. Im from Providence, RI and have my sights on Aco 2/19th SFG(A) as my "dream job". But, for now that will remain a dream. My current goal is to do whatever it takes to prepare physically and mentally for SFAS. Any like-minded individuals, preferably close to my location, who would like to share a word or two, feel free to PM me. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all around the forum, and abroad as well! Im gonna go do me some PT :lifter ! Later!

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