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james.ledger 03-24-2019 11:51

Good morning and thank you in advanced for your time. I'm prior service and separated from the army in 2010 with an honorable discharge. I'm currently in the process of talking to a recruiter about reenlist. In 2014 I hit a low point in my life and ran into some trouble made some bad decision and got a DUI that same year I was convinced by one of my good friends (an ex-marine)to go talk hiS counselor at the VA where I got a 70% PTSD rating (something I regret to this day). As of right now I'm in the process of talking to counselors and getting my rating reduced and hopefully completely taken off of my record. As for my DUI my recruiter assures me we will have no problem getting a waiver because hes already talked to his chain of command. I've done my research and what I found is on the Army National Guard page it specifically says if you have a DUI you will not be able to try for selection But on the GoArmy page states " all applicants must not have been convicted by court-martial or have disciplinary action noted in their official military personnel file. this provision can only be waived by the Commanding General, United States Army Special Warfare center and School on case to case basis." And nothing else about a DUI disqualifying me from trying out for selection. So my question is with all of this in my past and on my record If I am eligible to reenlist would I still have the opportunity to try out for selection and prove myself there or am I automatically disqualified. Thank you

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