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albeham 04-26-2011 19:54

7th group in NAM..teach me
Hello leaders,

I spent Sunday with the family in DC going to the Smithsonian American History.
As like any place I go, I read. Went though the 3 East, where the displays where of the wars our country has been in. When I came across the one on Vietnam. Nice display, even had a few photos of SF and in the case was a 7th group flash on a green beret. Be in the the 5th I understand its wonderful history and some of the other groups as well, that where there. But I can't recall anything about the 7th.

So can someone teach me.on the 7th involvement.

AL :munchin

Richard 04-26-2011 20:23

In a nutshell, the 7th had responsibility for White Star in Laos 1960-62 while the 1st had generic responsibility for SEA. The first ODAs rotating in and out of Vietnam were on 6 month TDYs from the 1st (beginning in 1957) and 7th, and then the 5th later on prior to their moving from Fort Bragg to Nha Trang and assuming overall responsibility for Vietnam in Oct 1964.

The first MOH awarded for Vietnam went to CPT Roger Donlon for ODA-726's defense of Nam Dong in Northern I Corps on 6 July 1964.

The Team Sergeant, MSG Gabriel Alamo, was posthumously awarded the DSC and the 7th SFG's 'Alamo Parade Field' was named in his honor.

Ian Sutherland's "Special Forces of the United States Army" and Shelby Stanton's "Green Berets at War" offer a pretty good history of what you're probably looking for here.

Richard :munchin

albeham 04-27-2011 17:10

thank you,

I guess I am still a little young when it comes to our history.

Well


Richard 04-27-2011 18:36


De nada. For those of us with long time 7th ties, your question was a pretty typical promotion board kind of query from the Group CSM sitting on the board...and you'd better be prepared to answer. ;)

Richard :munchin

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