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PTF Guy 08-07-2020 13:39

Exercising PACE Comms at FOB Covid
Greetings to seasoned Signaleers. Anyone encounter the AN/TRC-77 or AN/GRC-9 in training or deployment? I had to get out of lockdown for a quick FTX in the mountains, these 2 old sets did the job. I left the AN/GRC-109 home this time. Some Pix:
Got Comms? Yes.

Peregrino 08-08-2020 06:20

You have a nice website; I've had it tagged for a while, definitely enjoy the history lessons. Tuolumne, Sonora, or vicinity thereof? FWIW - Last time I used a 109 was 1979, everything after that was PRC-74s and 70s. Decent for what they were, I look back on carrying them with nostalgia but no fondness. Certainly not with intent to resurrect them from the scrapyard. Today's equipment is far better.

mark46th 08-08-2020 08:28

Used the 109 in training group in 1971 and a couple of field exercises.

Badger52 08-09-2020 06:05

Thanks for the sharing the FOB Covid trip. Always enjoy your site.
(and love that Bronco)

PTF Guy 08-11-2020 13:25

Thanks guys - I thought some of our Army brothers might find some of this Comms stuff interesting.. Yep, AO is about 35 miles NE of Sonora, Stanislaus National Forest.
(My buddies call it camping, I call it "training"!). The GRC-109 is my Daily Driver at home and usually while camping, especially since I don't have to carry it! Bullet proof reliability with the 109... Much respect to those of you who humped it around...T

T7L 08-11-2020 14:18

Agree with all on here. You do have a nice site and beautiful country out there. You've got the right vehicle for it.

Did use the 109 in training and they phased the PRC 70 out not too long after I got to Group. I would take a 70 or a 104 if I found one. Versatile radios and I don't have to pack them around anymore.

Makes me want to carve out time and dust off my old 1099A and get back on the air. It has been too long.

PTF Guy 08-14-2020 12:29

Hi T7L - Your PRC-1099A is a very capable radio and would be right at home out here. The PRC-104 is also very good, been in service for a long time in various configurations. We used them in Navy coastwatcher FTX's along with the PRC-47's. I'm currently reviving a PRC-74B. As a FOG, I watch with interest the DOD's "rediscovery" of HF comms. Cheers!

PRB 08-15-2020 14:10

Great pics and the weather looks excellent...always carried some smoked oysters in my ruck to eat with the C rat crackers...

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