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frostfire 07-26-2019 11:02

HAK n Damascus blades in PK
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Bill, if the Damascus pattern is not on the handle body, is that automatically a fake?
I dont think the store owner will let me know do the acid-ammonia test

Anyone been to the area and score a deal? They do handle well
I figure if its folded then GTG, if etched cheapo, then nein!

pyreaux 07-26-2019 12:31

It may not be etched, but it may be from Pakistan. I believe if that's the case the quality may be suspect along with the metals used. With my limited experience it does not appear to be "fake". It is likely foreign made pattern welded steel. Buying it without information on the maker would be a gamble on the heat treat, materials, and quality and as such the durability.

These appear to be stock removal pattern welded knives not forged to near final shape like an abs style smith would build the knife.

JJ_BPK 07-26-2019 15:22

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Looking at egay(20,000 units)
here are a couple of examples that are similar, almost,, kinda-like, the same..
Priced starting at $00.99 :o

Not an X=spurt,, but they look packi..

frostfire 08-02-2019 09:18

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Would you buy it?
Down from $85 to $50

Comes w well made leather sheath.
Handles well, balanced well. Solid. Micarta handle
has decent traction
No plan to take to war, just for show piece n cut in kitchen
Edge not great currently, but based on the other knives it seem they know what they’re doing and the material holds an edge

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